Since March 2016 Cafenorte has been officially accredited as EPSAGRO by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. With this accreditation the Cooperative can provide agricultural technical assistance services, as well as advice for the structuring of productive projects; Cafenorte has formed a human team in function of the agriculture of the region, among the professionals related to the technical area are:


·Agricultural Engineers.
·Social communicator.
·Agricultural Administrators.
·Agricultural Technologists.
·Q_Grader taster.
·Professionals of the Administrative and Financial area.

Among the services offered as EPSAGRO are:

·Technical assistance in all sectors of the rural area.
·Laboratory service of soils and foliar.
·Advice on production and commercialization of specialty coffees.
·Counseling and training to CMDR.
·Provision of inputs for the agricultural sector.
·Promote the use of technology in the agricultural sector.