Strengthening Rural Education

The boys and girls of the veredales schools receive every year School kits with which their educational process is supported. We seek with this to also impact on the decrease of the school dropout rate when they are caused by the lack of elements such as notebooks, uniforms, among others.

Technician in Quality Assurance of Coffee

One of the objectives of Cafenorte is to strengthen the knowledge of our associates around obtaining high quality coffee. The coffee quality assurance technician at the farm is a training program where, in addition to strengthening quality knowledge, Cafenorte delivers 3000 coffee trees and fertilizer to the apprentice during the first year of the new crop.

Fund for Higher Education Cafenorte

Many young children of associates in the field want to train in careers that allow them to improve their living conditions and contribute from their knowledge to the development of their region. Through the Fund for Higher Education, Cafenorte has scholarship to 100 young people in Technology in Agricultural Production and currently has a group of 40 young scholars in Technology in Agroindustrial Processes with an emphasis on Coffee.

Technical assistance

Within the competitiveness strategy that has been advancing the Cooperativa de Cafetaleros del Norte del Valle, the technical accompaniment to the producer is one of the fundamental elements that allows him to improve his practices at farm level in the productive process and in the component of harvest and Post harvest, this accompaniment is carried out by an interdisciplinary team within which are Agronomist Engineers, Social Communicator, Agricultural Administrators, Agricultural Technologists, Q Grader Collectors and coffee mechanics.